Patient Reviews (10)

5 Stars"Nice office...Friendly staff- Dr.and receptionist. Great care. Great hydro bed."

- Judy H.

5 Stars

“I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor, but I am so glad my wife found Dr. Mark Riomondo. He has been very informative and has made my experience a very positive one. He goes above and beyond all expectations. Kimberly at the front desk is so kind and helpful with insurance and setting appointments. The in-depth examine and consult were so informative and I wish I would have gone earlier. My wife and son also go and both Dr. David and Kimberly are so patient when we all walk in for our appointments. Dr. David also takes the time to explain and inform our boys on all aspects of chiropractic work. I would recommend Dr. Mark Riomondo to anyone. I am very thankful!!”

- Ken  S.

5 Stars“I was having severe back pain. I called about 8 a.m. and Kimberly was so very friendly and helpful. She was able to fit me in that morning. By the afternoon, I had my x-rays/exam and my 1st adjustment done. Dr. David was very friendly and seemed to really care about getting my back pain taken care of. West Valley Chiropractic is the place to go to get better!”

- Tosha D.

5 Stars“After a year of searching for a chiropractor, I found Dr. Mark Riomondo at the West Valley location and I have been going for a few weeks. I have been so impressed with him!! He takes the time and care to understand all of my many complicated back and neck issues. He is easy to talk to and understand. He has been so kind and has taken time to even explain and teach my young son who has always wanted to be a chiropractor. He asks me my preference in my adjust style and listens. Kimberly at the front desk is so kind and knowledgeable. I love how they are both so friendly and kind and easy to talk to. I have not only found an amazing chiropractor, I have found them to be people I would call friends in a town I am new to. I am very thankful!!!”

- Kayla S.

5 Stars"Dr. Klungness performed my Chiropractic Care. He was very professional and was very knowledgeable on what he was doing. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Roger Herrera performed massage. He was very professional and knew what he was doing."

- Lisa B.

5 Stars"Thank you Dr. Klungness and Kimberly for your superior expertise. How wonderful to be pain free- especially when I walk and sleep."

- Carol S.

5 Stars"I had never had back problems but then ran a 24 hour race in mixed rain and snow.  After 23 ½ hours and 115 miles of running my lower back had enough of the cold and sized up like a vise.  My back was sore for one year before I sought chiropractic care.  Following treatment at West Valley Chiropractic along with deep tissue massage, my back felt normal again.

Regular care, including occasional “tune-ups” when I am not having any pain, allows me to continue running ultramarathons, hiking, backcountry skiing and doing many other activities at age 67."

- Jeff H.

5 Stars"Dr. David was instrumental in helping me feel better.  I have considerable improvement, and could feel the progress that was taking place each week. The staff and Doctors were all friendly, professional and greatly concerned for my well-being."

- Jack B.

5 Stars"I started at West Valley Chiropractic In 2011 for low back pain. After treatment, my pain was gone almost immediately and rarely reoccurs.  I still go every three weeks to remain pain free and maintain flexibility.  All the doctors are excellent and caring, highly skilled and knowledgeable."

- Peter H.

5 Stars"My results have been real good so far.  Dr. David was nice and friendly, he told me to stretch more."

- Ryan R.

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